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Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau a fire burned more than 300 pairs of imported brands of men's, Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in a large number of international top brands of clothing found in formaldehyde exceed the standard and the quality problem, recently, Guangzhou city industry and commerce departments and found many foreign brand clothing carcinogenic aromatic amine. As if overnight, international brands in China's rapid decline in credibility. who spoiled these international brands? industry and Commerce Bureau of Zhejiang province at the end of last year, the import of footwear in this province sampling inspection results show that: 46 batches of imported leather shoes, tourist shoes, the batch pass rate was only 23.91%. These shoes include Louis Weedon, Valentino, D & G and more than 10 of the world's top brands, including more than 300 pairs of shoes quality problems were destroyed. 25 kinds of substandard clothing in Shanghai city in January this year, Industrial and Commercial Bureau sampling found, labeled as imported clothing has 24 kinds, including Burberry BURBERRY, Armani ARMANI, Chanel CHANEL, Dior DIOR, Dupont, Zegna and other international top brands impressively. Guangzhou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau found recently in Edgar and Mark Ed Faye 15 batches of women's brand of decomposab Cheap air jordans for sale le aromatic amine seriously exceed the standard. imported products from entering the country to the shelves of shopping malls, to go through customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, quality inspection and shopping malls 4 checkpoints. Reporters found in the interview, for many daily commodities, these layers of barriers, many times non-existent. senior foreign trade practitioners believe that the 4 inspection supervision procedures, customs inspection focuses on whether the goods suspected of smuggling or violation of intellectual property rights, for the quality of the product itself, the first substantive level is actually the entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments. And the "People's Republic of China import and Export Commodity Inspection Law") precisely did not include shoes, clothing and other products included in the statutory inspection directory, therefore, for these products, China's door is completely open. although leather shoes and clothing are not included in the statutory inspection scope, but according to the provisions of the quality supervision departments to conduct sampling inspection of imported goods. In many shopping malls in the management of their own requirements, product quality also requires administrator in the new companies before check. But a British famous shoe brand dealer told reporters, quality insp Cheap jordans online ection department inspection every year to two times, but also to the mall exhaustive; visual based self-test. Overall, China's market regulation is rather loose". in addition, experts pointed out that compared with Europe and the United States the design is strict and constantly updated quality standards, product quality standards in China not only lag, and in many fields are blank, this is the regulatory loopholes. Professor Huang Xianhai, Zhejiang University School of business said that some multinational companies in taking multinational market strategy, tend to develop production and sales strategy according to the product sales market supervision characteristics and consumption characteristics, if the host country market supervision is not strict, standard loose, consumers are not very) recently, sponsored by the American Embassy in Chinese, centre of international cultural exchange of the American country concert brought together many celebrity in the trend, and one of the most compelling than those non art business people. Hongkong, Paris, around New York and other major urban modernization, music and fashion has become a racing together bridle to bridle a spiritual symbol of life a new era of consumer groups. Indeed, in the new era of market economy, the urban population for the consumption of goods are often more focused on mental enjoyme Cheap foamposites for sale nt, but also triggered a new round of thinking for commodity marketing enterprises. is now in such a fierce market competition, the enterprise and how to from the marketing of an identical nature in the battle for talent shows itself, it will undoubtedly become the new aspect of enterprise marketing innovation. In this regard, the authorities after a round of market tracking on the spot after the inspection, were consistently found that music played an important role in the enterprise brand marketing breakthrough homogenization marketing plays an irreplaceable, music marketing has become a major highlight of the current brand marketing. music marketing is one of the most dynamic language "music marketing is the most dynamic brand development language." The French marketing expert Bidelisi · says Crete. As the name implies, music marketing is the marketing of music as the carrier, is the enterprise brand and consumers to achieve the best communication language, is the most modern way to attract consumers attention. But in a sense, music marketing is still largely broke through the traditional visual contact, by sound reputation to subtle strengthen consumer brand of memory, and even some enterprises also brand culture directly penetrate into the music, or the music marketing is the best indicator as a shoe brand rooted in the forefront of th cheap foamposites e market. Needless to say, the key lies in the promotion of music marketing highlights between consumers and brands create a relaxed and natural interaction, and that consumers in the process left deep branding. But for the shoe industry, from two aspects of perspective, that shoe brand advertising music and background music into place terminal layout. implanted footwear brand advertisement music as everyone knows, the music is called the most common of all human beings are words, and advertising as a new media carrier. The fusion of the two for the enterprise brand marketing has plays an irreplaceable role. Indeed, the "visual advertising + hearing music" can not only promote the deep interaction between brands and consumers from the higher level, but also can boost the brand marketing preliminary innovation difference of. But it is worth noting that the implantation of brand marketing advertising in the music must be consistent with the concept of the enterprise, regardless of the enterprise is television advertising mode or network video mode, on the one hand, the requirements are the same. Although the market was generally consistent using ready-made pop songs to implant, and by allowing consumers to listen, try other ways to preliminary) this at the end of February release color Huarahce rare in other shoes color inspiration for the design, in Retro jordans for sale combination with is HyperVenom launched late in 2014; grey black with the main presenting with splash effect modification, finally supplemented with red huarache components highlight the theme, the effect is obvious; perhaps earlier in a Titolo sale to meet the demand of senaker, overwhelmed, UK Edition formally shelves the color, the price of 90 pounds, No. 744486-001. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!Lanvin is the oldest French high fashion brand, and now, it has grown to the perfume, footwear, and other fields. Lanvin's design style is elegant and refined, the fashion industry has brought a surge precipitated profound cultural ideology. Lanvin 2013 spring and summer footwear new style along the order of a simple and elegant design, the same time, the extensive use of serpentine, metallic colors, scale patterns leather, filled with elegant and refined aesthetic style innovation.Scales grain leather high heels can cause a woman to its visual love. Black scales pattern showing a low-key sense of luxury, the ankle at the rough ring with a pair of high heels to bring some Cheap foamposites for sale tough feeling.Simple vamps showing a luxurious texture. Lanvin has always been elegant and refined style reflected most vividly in the shoes, no bright colors, no extra pattern. Elegant style, is more concise, more elegant.High-saturation metallic colors and plain wood combine to create a unique feeling. The footwear has a strong sense of architectural design is quite eye-catching.The white boots performance of minimalist elegance and luxury, and at the same time, it is very easy to match clothes. The ankle at charming radian is an important symbol of the finest footwear.Three metal color thin line leather achievements pair of minimalist footwear, simple, comfortable. Box-heel design is very unique, it is people like.Sandals relatively diverse design, this flat shoes shoe foot post with black leather material, metal color at the front foot cross with a very simple fashion. Wooden soles showing a high-end texture.A variety of colors, scale patterns flat shoes, very wild, but casual and comfortable. In the spring and summer when you wear a dress, accompanied by such a pair of footwear, a very good choice. is known to all, air jordan 5 the source of inspiration for the design pattern on the Second World War military fighter jet head shark's teeth, but in shark for the inspiration for the design of sports shoes can more than air jordan 5, like being known as Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale the Nike Zoom Kobe VII is a "shark" as a design inspiration to build, let us work together to take a look at how what kind of shoe is to shark inspired design and build. shoes: Freaker x Sneaker PUMA Blaze of Glory Sharkbait ""year: 2013shoes: Zoom Kobe VII Nike "Shark" year: 2012shoes: Zoom Hyperflight PRM Nike "Shark" year: 2013shoes: Ape Asta 1st "Camo Shark Bathing" year: 2014shoes: Zoom Hyperflight PRM Nike "Shark" year: 2013shoes: ZX Adidas 500 "Shark" year: 2014shoes: ZigTech SharkReebokyear: 2012shoes: Zoom SharkleyNikeyear: 2008shoes: Zoom SharkalaidNikeyear: 2009shoes: Air Shark Trainer Nike "Camo" year: 2013shoes: Jordan 5Airyear: 1990/〉Mysterious indigo light movement of players, Nike Aina Chukka NW & amp; Talache Low AC ND Pack 2011-06-14 10:09:10 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: endclothing] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes Network June 14 hearing, Nike's Nike Sportswear Aina Chukka has brought two new series, respectively NW and Talache Low AC ND. The Aina Chukka put on a new leather coat, from the classic moccasin shoe design inspiration, the quiet of fluorescent blue trim and gleaming car line dotted develop the detailed design to the soul of the entire pair of shoes, of course luxurious leather use is also a major selling point of these two new shoes, like darkness ignited mysterious light. Related newsChina outdoor brand EDCO officially announced Adrianne Ho became the official spokesperson for brand 16-17, and released the first endorsement catalog. interested can go through this link to buy: APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! Nike has always been not stingy to apply the science and technology innovation in the classic shoes, such as its proud Flyknit weaving technology has been widely used to various shoes, such as AirForce1, AirMax1 and AirMax90 and so on, even the CONVERSE ChuckTaylorAllStar is also used, almost all of the classic will without exception have the blessing.. finally, this year's JordanBrand brand, presented in the Flyweave fabric in the earliest MTM set in AirJordan1, this new AirJordan1Flyknit for the first time more lightweight breathable Flyknit leather uppers to replace the traditional weaving technique, and the identification of very dark red tone will be retained, others such as Swoosh and the upper the flying wing is still showing the overall look more cortical, three-dimensional texture, there is a sale of this pair of shoes will be reported to the ultra limited way, and with a number of independent, more real, please pay attention to the date of sale!In addition to the Nike to create a joint Air Force 1, the legendary New York Street brand Supreme and Vans together again this season skateboard brand, classic skate shoes Native American to create a new joint series. The design is based on Native American was born in 80s at the end of the modeled, superior materials form suede shoe body, matched with leather lining, laces and shoe pad to maintain integrity, finally equipped with white Turner suture and wear sole slide presentation, two brands of bones of the skateboard accentuates the spirit. The series will be on September 4th in Supreme New York, Losangeles and London before sale, and will be landing in Japan in 6 stores. supreme-x-vans-native-american-collection-1.jpg (98.73 KB, download number: 1) download Supreme x Vans Native American 2014-9-2 09:04 upload supreme-x-vans-native-american-collection-8.jpg (114.62 KB, download number: 1) download Supreme x Vans Native American 2014-9-2 09:05 upload supreme-x-vans-native-american-collection-7.jpg (58.71 KB, download number: 2) download Supreme x Vans Native American 2014-9-2 09:04 upload supreme-x-vans-native-american-collection-2.jpg (59.09 KB, download number: 1) download Supreme x Vans Native American 2014-9-2 09:04 upload supreme-x-vans-native-american-collection-4.jpg (71.51 KB, download number: 1) download 〈0Lunarlon, Free, Air Max, ENCAP Boost and even shock technology is to make you feel corny? Let's look at the following by the American start-up company Moonshine Crea launched MoonWalker shoes. This shoe uppers made its name, synthetic fibers are very high waterproof and breathable, inside the NASA NASA space station dedicated DuPont Tyvek synthesis of polyethylene material material as the core technology, and the sole sponge wearing foot insoles can memory characteristics, arranged in two layers of soles N45 RB magnet, and then use the principle of homopolarity repulsion, forming a strong mutual repulsive force between two layers of laminated magnet. After wearing can experience the feeling of weightlessness, and every step is a space walk the sense of lightness. cd00007d76135dd64d.jpeg (158.57 KB, download number: 13) download MoonWalker anti gravity 2016-1-20 12:06 upload ce00007f1f50cab232.jpeg (166.52 KB, download number: 9) download MoonWalker anti gravity 2016-1-20 12:06 upload 8189309002.jpeg (79.63 KB, download number: 14) download MoonWalker anti gravity 2016-1-20 12:06 upload b20006382e82fec972.jpeg (187.43 KB, download number: 19) download MoonWalker anti gravity 2016-1-20 12:06 upload space walk, the United States, shoes, 00 users