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Super League finally has a new patron. In a decade-long contract, Nike will sponsor a total commitment to more than two hundred million US dollars of Chinese Football Association. Now wait is four brands have signed with other clubs and other matters relating to consultation in 2010. As long as these brands agreed to in 2010 are no longer a priority, and these clubs renew Super company and G16 (next Super 16 club) will sign the contract provided by Nike. This means that, starting in 2010, G16 full dress uniform, including the Super League with the ball and the referees, match officials of clothing, all planned by Nike. That first decade until 2018, when Nike to give the total sponsorship fee G16 will reach $ 30 million. bottoming Super reporter on this call Nike (China) Marketing Wang Hong, it said, "Now the news is indeed a lot outside, but not the Nike released its own out, probably because of the recent good performance of the Asian Champions League, national football election Shuai and other events to increase public awareness of the event itself speculation. " relative to Nike's low-key, the outside world reflect on the matter considerably. "Sports Weekly" Strong Yen, vice president believes that "super this season, will rebound. Coupled with the Football Association to adjust, AFC repackaging is good news." Yan strong market judgment quite convincing. This season, the Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli title, make Super League "foreign" eyebrow breathing, Pirelli also to pay the $ 50 million of the named fee, in a sense, is a super business outlook affirmed; CCTV broadcast the Super recovery, but also for the Super remodeling business image and lay a hint. Beijing Guoan return to Beijing Workers' Stadium, which is a Beijing fans excited for a while. Acco Cheap foamposites for sale rding to the reporter, the AFC Champions League AFC Champions League will now begin to imitate the model, has started military expansion, a substantial increase in prize money, the intensity and the degree of competition is certainly exciting strengthen much, so the number will be more attention, sponsors will be more many. Now the super main sponsor Pirelli tires and Nike, is also quite appealing. Beijing a dynamic sports consulting company president Zhang also agree Super business prospects: "In the past two years, both domestic and sports agency, or sports brand, the prospects for Chinese football are very optimistic about the potential audience in spite of the country. effects team, Chinese football has repeatedly plunged brand image, but for now has basically bottomed out. " Many industry insiders believe that "commercial prospects of the upcoming Super show, do not confuse the league and the national team"; and "the right to speak in the gradual increase in the league committee" is also a lot of people in the industry optimistic about business prospects in the important super factor. Pirelli title I do not know whether it is accidental, but well versed in the Chinese sports market, Nike is probably saw this opportunity, it resolutely its resources firmly in hand. The Chinese Football Nike Lee On the football this project, Nike's global sponsorship market and influence behind its rival Adidas. "In the way the product plus cash in the public image of Chinese football the most vulnerable time, Nike has reached the level of the public relations effect of temporary relief," Yan Qiang said. Game sponsor swore not to say, two hundred million yuan for the super company is definitely a crazy number. affected by the economic downturn, Nike's fourth-quarter sales Cheap foamposites for sale figures have for the first time reflects the impact of the economic crisis on the company. In response, Nike's management has made clear that "the future of margin pressure will increase." "Nike also being adjusted internal organizational structure, announced on the 20th of this month from the original four business area into six business areas, the Asia-Pacific region had become Greater China, directly under the headquarters management. Greater After adjustment, only a two-part independent Japan region and emerging markets. sufficiently reflected the importance of the Chinese market. "Zhang said. It is based on urgently seeking to maximize profits, so the growth is crucial for the Chinese market. And as a good marketing brand, Nike also need access to sports resources. In Zhang seems that Nike will increase their influence. Including large packaging team, in the dissemination big promotion, which will be for the Super positive business impact. In addition, there may be added Nike incentives to attract other sponsors follow. Early years, a Coca-Cola market participants contacted Zhang said: Coca-Cola in the choice of sports endorser, Nike will follow sometimes. "Because they have a relatively specialized market research and judgment, rather than racking our brains."From the California hardcore band Trash Talk before and CONVERSE expansion joint cooperation, launched Pro Skate series Leather version CONS. The two were with black, white, after wearing a skateboard after showing a unique charm. The sole part adopts transparent rubber, and joined the peace sign. Now the two shoe has been on sale, love friends please pay attention. 1414034018676_720x450 (1).Jpg (21.02 KB, download number: 0) download Trash Talk x CONVERSE CONS Pro Leather Skate 2014-10-23 13:15 uplo Cheap jordans online ad 1414034018891_720x450.jpg (31.72 KB, download number: 0) download Trash Talk x CONVERSE CONS Pro Leather Skate 2014-10-23 upload 13:14 1414034019164_720x450.jpg (24.96 KB, download number: 0) download Trash Talk x CONVERSE CONS Pro Leather Skate 2014-10-23 upload 13:14 1414034018952_720x450.jpg (30.58 KB, download number: 0) download Trash Talk x CONVERSE CONS Pro Leather Skate 2014-10-23 13:14 upload 1414034019054_720x450.jpg (50.33 KB, download number: 0) download Trash Talk x CONVERSE CONS Pro Leather Skate 2014-10-23 upload 13:14 1414034019629_720x450.jpg (46.01 KB, download number: 0) download Trash Talk x CON0Nike's recent years under a number of retro training shoes quickly became popular, the Bo Jackson Air Trainer Max '91 signature shoes with this wave of complex moment regression. The day before the brand has added two new color design for the two Air Trainer Max 91 with black / Blue / pink and grey / Black / yellow, on foot effect is very good, love may wish to refer to a friend. 140963691391689.jpg (53.36 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Trainer Max '91 double color 2014-9-3 08:44 upload 140964E5WN30-14527_resized.jpg (42.44 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Trainer Max '91 double color 2014-9-3 08:44 upload 140964E5b6260-21W6_resized.jpg (44.13 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Trainer Max '91 double color 2014-9-3 08:44 upload 140964E60V430-3V93_resized.jpg (42.73 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Trainer Max '91 double color 2014-9-3 08:44 upload 140964E61H410-45b1_resized.jpg (53 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Trainer Max '91 double color 2014-9-3 08:44 upload 140964E62F910-532b_resized.jpg (52.16 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Trainer Max '91 double c Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale olor 2014-9-3 08:44 Nike Air Trainer Max upload, 910Last week Celebrities foot track shoes section, for the same shoes you collecting fan fans not to be missed this week, some of the celebrities on foot portfolio, the convenience of our time to capture trends at home and abroad over the latest developments of the icon, but also to As a reference demonstration interpretation of shoes. This week Top celebrity NIGO, Maibara Yasumasa, Eason Chan and Eddie, and so, here is this week's 10 celebrity shoes set foot map, fans may wish to note. 1. Eason adidas Originals Superstar 2. Pak-ho adidas Originals Superstar 3. Leo adidas Originals Superstar 4. JJ Rick Owens for adidas Tech Runner 5. Wyman adidas Originals Supercolor 6. Han fire fire Joshua Sanders 7. Eddie adidas Originals Yeezy 350 Boost 8. Pucan Lie MUNN X Crucial 9. Komehara Yasumasa / Li Chen Nike Air Max 90 / fragment design x Nike Roshe LD-1000 10.NIGO / Pharrell Williams adidas Originals City Marathon PT NIGO / SupershellFire struck the Nike Air Force Max 2013 "Fire Red" 2013-12-08 23:17:54 Before we have given everyone brought a Air Force Max "grape" color 2013, apart from this, another section The new color of the Air Force Max 2013 also exposure on the network, all red upper with black embellishment, like most of the "Raging Bull" version, good texture. It is reported that this "Fire Red" Air Force Max 2013 will be available on May 25, while exposure information as well Num. Item No. 555105-600 & nbsp; Listing Date May 25, 2013 X-Large x Puma R698 Trinomic as the recent sale of the joint 2015-09-18 16:26:20 & nbsp; Puma as a young, stylish, vibrant sports brand has always been the avant-garde itself, not just the frequent cooperation wit Cheap air jordans for sale h major fashion brands to launch a number of joint shoes increase market efficiency at the same time capture the hearts of many fans, it can be described as double-edged sword. With autumn and winter approaching, Puma brand X-Large street hand in hand to launch a joint series, in which R698 Trinomic joint shoes or enough to attract people's attention, the shoes with blue color throughout the uppers, outsole is black to be with, the whole double Footwear highlights the strong vitality of the movement and at the same time without losing the flavor and atmosphere of calm. The shoes will be available soon, a friend might like to continue to focus on it. Nike Air Trainer 3 new color available information 2014-12-11 11:35:07 A few days ago for its classic training shoes Nike Air Trainer 3 introduced a pair of the latest color, overwhelmed by the designer to light brown-based colors to create a whole body of the shoe, with a white midsole and gum outsole made of color, high-quality leather use punching details as decoration, but also the use of a light brown liner rendering, the overall feeling of the shoes is very elegant, but the classic contour and technical support also ensures the perfect sport shoes. It is reported that the shoes will be landing on December 13 brands designated shops for sale, priced at $ 125, interested friends may wish to look at it then. & nbsp; piles visit CLOT sneakers studio 2013-12-08 23:46:52 CLOT was founded by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon in 2003, is a collection of fashion company, in 2004 launched its own brand CLOT products, and often a different brand with the launch of sneakers products, including the & nbsp; Nike , adidas, Converse, Vans and more. Recently, the famous American website Sneakernews exclusive shoes CLOT team v Retro jordans for sale isited the studio, CLOT members also claimed their studio as "sneakers grave", from the picture we can see, the shoes occupy most of the space studio, all shoes are piles appear every corner studio. According to the & nbsp; Edison Chen said, the studio will receive each month sent brand new shoes, and now the studio has thousands of pairs of shoes, and are continuing to grow every month among.Adidas climbed as an essential factor of the throne of the road, Kanye West undoubtedly played a crucial role, the Adidas Originals hand in hand together to create Yeezy series can be said to lead the recent market prices have also soared and shoes. The day before the SLAM was released on Yeezy in 2017 related to the sale of information. It is reported that Adidas Kanye West will be together a pair of genuine Yeezy series of basketball shoes, "Jump Over Jumpman" said earlier, now it is not impossible to achieve. Just for everyone, Sneakerhead, would you be willing to play in Yeezy? this week star shoes and feet are as follows! Jason Sudeikis in the chat show this pair of feet in Air Jordan 1 Metallic Navy, a shiny navy blue Swoosh and the upper of the details, the degree of relaxation is presented on the 80s century style of sports competition. Famous Dex exaggerated the choice of the two Air Jordan 14 Ferrari self, red suede upper building, full texture. DJ Khaled foot in an interview on Air Jordan 1 forbidden to wear, is really a real fan of AJ for Kheled. A military style collocation DJ Envy Air Jordan the choice of 8 Sequoia shoes and clothes, with MA-1 Sequoia as a source of inspiration for flight jacket color is also the feeling of UNDFTD. famous American rapper Desiigner on foot this pair of gold time champions in Air Jordan 7 Golden Moments. Currensy cheap foamposites has been lead a fast label, this time he chose the Nike Air Force 1 High, plus behind the big Routh is really low-key and luxurious. This pair of Air Jordan 8 Sequoia is the second star wearing, the foot is Boosie. small icon Allen Iverson apparently some fat, some activity in the foot of double Nike Force 1 Air. Allen Iverson Air Jordan 12OVO this pair of feet, with black nubuck leather with superior texture of stingray crafted, smoky crystal outsole and black shoe buckle, bring cool and exquisite luxury style. rapper Yo Gotti Air Jordan Space Jam 9 foot color, with black nubuck leather uppers and white collocation punch, and brings a strong visual contrast. 〈〉I believe you have seen the "Cinderella" the fairy tale, twelve midnight, Cinderella Princess Princess, wearing a crystal shoes sit on the pumpkin carriage to go to the prince's ball! Cinderella disappeared after the prince with Cinderella lost crystal shoe finally found Cinderella, two people happy together. crystal shoes many girls also dreamed of a pair of crystal shoes, wearing Princess Princess encounter their own prince, but you know, maybe you just need more than the crystal shoes, and it! recently Xiaobian watching Thai drama "Palace", it is about the story of the girl to marry the prince Kanin civilians! To marry the prince before his dress, although looks sweet, but the head of cheap Tousheng made her look very low. PosterAfter , Cinderella to marry the prince Kanin, the temperament is not the same, also have a few aristocratic demeanor, which not only reflected in the dress, and her dress collocation jewelry. wearing costumes, with diamond hoop earrings and a canyon, from Cinderella into a princess (Princess). after the caning, every garment has collocation jewelry, headdress, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and so on, this is not the only one, never empty. in school, no caning wear too much jewelry, only wearing pearl card, simple yet gentle. perfumery, Kanin wearing ornaments and diamond bracelet, ears short hair covering the ears don't see without wearing earrings. painting, with a simple bmpe canyon. and clothes collocation of color treasure bracelet. pearl necklace, bracelet, ring, ring ring is ~. pearl necklace and Pearl hairpin, like pearl pearl Canyon preference, indeed the canyon elegant temperament. is the most beautiful canyon wedding wedding dream parafacialia kill. The girl wearing a wedding dress is the most beautiful time of life, honest not bully me! is also very beautiful, to marry the prince of the canyon, on the head with the crown, neck diamond necklace and earrings on the ears, ah ah, want to ah! Prince and princess after watching this drama, was found to be a princess to marry the prince, which not only needs the crystal shoes and the pumpkin carriage, Cinderella also have beautiful clothes and dazzling jewelry, can match with the prince. and beauty costumes clothing, bright jewelry, but also makes the canyon more dazzling is not it? today, the UAV occupation muster, many participants, both Amazon and UPS, Google and other giants in continuous development and planning, occupation also has formed a large Xinjiang unicorn, and 7-Eleven's chain of convenience stores also cross in. But there are some technology giants in this category does not seem to what the "big move", Microsoft is one of them. But now, Microsoft has decided to clear the table. 2 23, UAV airspace for startups AirMap channels in the official website declared completed B $26 million round of financing, the current round of financing led by Microsoft, Qualcomm, Airbus (Airbus), Le Tian (Rakuten), SONY, Hao Xiang (Yuneec), General Catalyst and Lux Capital for the senate. 1.AirMap: another way to do the UAV logistics service providers AirMap was founded in 2014, the company is headquartered in California, Santa Monica. In the new wave of UAV in the AirMap path, and not to snatch a lot of UAV airspace, but focus on security and logistical UAV in space domain. It is dedicated to the supply of the UAV airspace information service, designed for UAV operators to provide more of the world too many to count accurate and real-time flight information. Now there are more than 50 large U.S. airports have joined the AirMap launch of the D-NAS system (Digital Notice and Awareness System), the system can assist the UAV operator on the fly from the airport within 5 miles will fly to the airport told. as an intelligent spatial channels to handle, AirMap is mainly for developers and UAV operators invention skills, supply real-time map service, promised to broadcast its drone flying drone program, and the supply of the local operator issued a temporary ban on aircraft and government information fly zone, in order to ensure the safety of the UAV to fly them. The company said, now has more than 125 airports are using AirMap airspace management dashboard. this round of financing, the funds will be conducive to the rapid development of AirMap, and in the increasingly fierce market in rapid expansion. Now AirMap is in the mountain city of Berlin and the formation of a new unit, and now with the Xinjiang, 3D robot and Intel set up cooperative partnership, all of which will assist the flight data and UAV Ground Control Station and fly using program integration. Today. In addition to financing from outside, AirMap also released a new real-time mapping software, the software will now be built in Parrot Sensefly UAV sideways, allowing users to complete the box. "after B round of financing contact new partners, we can in the diversity of UAV in shopping malls become potential beneficiaries." AirMap CEO Ben Marcus showed that he was with the Federal Aviation Administration 〉 no old wine in a new bottle, each is in the original fashion quarter specified action, was due to such special skills have a certain appeal, the accumulation of years of customer support or a considerable part of the launch, engraved or modified version of the so-called business, also appears to be perfectly logical and reasonable. technology combined with the resurgence of retro running shoes have a long period of time, the sports brand invariably follow sports brand Converse has been in this area no significant Mountain Dew, but the tide not to be missed, in order to cater to this trend in the autumn and winter this year Converse launched a new shoes Auckland Racer. sports brand Converse autumn and winter retro shoes launched Auckland Racer this is different from the previous introduction, in the production process, the designer made a revolutionary adjustment. More lightweight Mesh fabrics are used on the shoes, and Razer's Lava technology is used to suppress the sideways Star Chevron star arrow logo, and the streamlined shoes look more scientific and technological. sports brand Converse autumn and winter retro shoes launched sole is consistent with the requirements of the EVA retro, yellow light bottom added to deal with the old strong (very old. I almost thought it took a pair of old shoes), except for the weight of running over, also create a unique feeling of retro running shoes.