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This section is now available on Kicks-Crew, and friends who like you can pay attention to it. 2012-12-16 09:27 upload and download attachments (84.3 KB) 2012-12-16 09:27 upload download attachment (120.72, KB) Dwight Howard and Adidas Basketball are preparing for the summer world tour in China next month; the ten day tour will take place in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing, Hongkong, Taipei and Seoul. To commemorate the trip, Adidas specially designed to create a special Adidas D Howard 4 world tour color. 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Local time on November 19th, the Council of Europe will decide whether to import 16.5% of China's leather shoes anti-dumping duties, the results announced today morning in Beijing time. As a case of considerable trade friction in recent years, the "EU Cheap foamposites for sale shoes case" will have an exemplary effect on the future trade relations between China and foreign countries. prior to this, the European Commission announced the anti-dumping review document on leather shoes, it is recommended to China and Vietnam anti-dumping measures for leather shoes to be extended for another 15 months, the tax rate unchanged. In addition to the gold footwear industry to obtain a tax rate of 9.7%, the other Chinese shoes enterprises unified tax rate of 16.5%. the European Union imposed tariffs on footwear imported from China and Vietnam in October 2006. After the expiration of the two-year anti-dumping measures, the European Commission launched a review of the administrative review of anti-dumping in disregard of the opposition of member states. 16.5% of the anti-dumping duties remain valid until the period of review yesterday. In the meantime, AOKANG and other 5 Chinese shoe enterprises combined with the EU to the European Court of justice, but the delay of cases. Before the review, the domestic industry associations and enterprises have been doing Cheap jordans online the last battle for the case. Data show that three years, China's shoes sales in Europe dropped by 15%, revenue from the peak period of 2 billion 80 million euros fell to 1 billion 780 million euros. sign or not? This is not only the Chinese shoe has recently let anxious and fearful doubt, but since the global financial crisis, especially the "tires safeguard case" award, let many domestic industries a topic. Vice president, former director of the Ministry of Commerce Bureau of industry injury investigation Wang Qinhua said yesterday that the Chinese of the world trade organization, the trade remedy investigation bring anti-dumping, countervailing case, direct damage to enterprises, due to the frequently investigated products from labor-intensive enterprises, not only affects the employment, but also have an adverse impact on the economy in the future even the whole macro economy will develop. 1-10 months of this year, China was subjected to 99 trade remedy investigations, involving $11 billion 600 million. Wang Qinhua said, compared with the past, now the number of cases and the amount involved is obviously improved, involving more and more industries, with the advent of intellectual property disputes, this momentum is expected in the future will be extended to the field of foreign investment and trade in services. In August, WTO ruled that China's sales restrictions on books, movies and music in the United States were in violation of WTO rules. "most exporters, once convicted of dumping, opt out of the local market, so it will be difficult to open up the international market in the future."." Wang Qinhua says. , almost all the trade remedy investigations against our products have occurred, and the "adjustment of the industrial structure" will be put on the table. Wang Qinhua thinks it strengthens me the festival of Fala, Queens, New York, USA; the last appearance of this neighborhood on November 26th this year at Kai En avenue. Organizers of the fushing Development Center Director Fu Heming said, the neighborhood held 6 years, participating businesses from the initial more than 40 stalls development up to now more than 100 visitors, is increased to 5000 people, the neighborhood has become the largest trading community. The prosperity of the neighborhood is closely related to the improvement of the quality of Chinese products and the trust of the United States for "made in China". according to the North American Ming Pao reported, in the annual mother's day, National Day, Mid Autumn Festival and Thanksgiving, there are bustling Fala Sheng Kai Siona Avenue shopping spree. The day of Thanksgiving, held in 26 this year, attracted 5000 people, no less than the American "shopping frenzy" of Thanksgiving Day on the black Friday. neighborhood so popular not only because Chinese goods price is low, and the quality of life for the Chinese people is rising, "China manufacturing" and good quality has become the main reason for the shopping boom. The winter clothing, clothing and leather goods made in China are the most popular commodities in the neighborhood meetings. The silk scarf and wool scarf imported from China are priced at only 5 yuan, while the scarf is exquisite, smooth and modern in design. It has become one of the commodities that customers rush to buy. leather shoes and purses stalls are also popular with customers. Shanghai's winter boots leather regardless of quality or appearance, people put it down, while the price is only 35 yuan, much lower than the market price of leather shoes on the hundred dollars, many foreign products become the favorite ethnic. open a clothing factory for many years the community Qu Miaofu said, 20 years ago, the mainland business sense and operation is not open, the Chinese garment factory garment factory in Hongkong and the United States is a major producer of clothing in the United States, but, after joining WTO, the United States export trade quota cancelled between mainland production business competition, improve product quality awareness, coupled with raw materials and labor cost is low, so in recent years, the mainland has become the main production of American Apparel market, unprofitable in the United States flourished in the garment factory has been declining. (editor in chief: admin)