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Jordan and basketball association is innate, through basketball, we Chinese basketball loving people and find common ground, we provide them with the most professional sports equipment and sophisticated consumers, Jordan can experience the passion and creativity of basketball itself contains in the use of our the product in the process of basketball is our communication, experience joy and good taste of the motion platform and channel. Jordan chose to end market intensive and meticulous farming, give full consideration to the Chinese body, foot type and exercise habits, the organic combination of the principle of human body mechanics and engineering, help Chinese enthusiasts pursuit of sports excellence. This is Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. has pursued the "tailored for Chinese consumers tailored" enterprise purposes! Olympic marketing: 2008 years of Olympic Chinese sporting goods market is an opportunity and huge consumption encouragement was still in his ears, but "not optimistic" the cloud seems to have emerged over Quanzhou many shoe company, the situation is judged by the "maintain growth" to "slow growth" and "backwards". under this background, Jordan's planning department official said in an interview with love, "Jordan does not intend to do large-scale investment in the Olympi Cheap foamposites for sale c Games publicity, concentrating on recent mining design talents." (Editor: admin)vans-classics-2014-spring-old-skool-tiger-camoblack-1.jpg (103.53 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-1-16 11:21 upload Old Skool camp new color series [global shoes net shoes city aspect] Delevan series is Lacoste's latest launch of daily leisure boots, a total of two styles. The color is brownish red and light grey, while the fabric is glossy and frosted. Different color matching and material selection will reflect different styles of collocation, metal crocodile badge and shoelace hole is to reflect the tough side of men. Different from the past leisure sports wind, this is biased outdoor feeling, such a style can be your mind? 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Then, Lin when the Knicks last attack, first pass the time in the outside, and then all of a sudden leaps, facing the Calderon put lore third ball, it is Lin first career winning opponent. 29. Parke winner thunder Thabeet 1 of 2 free throws, Durant dunk, thunder leading the three points, but the Spurs soon also a 11-0 climax counter ultra 8 points. Durant and Wei less quickly returned to the field, Durant layup with the field of the 23 points, becoming extremely Mr., spurs were in the scoring drought only by a penalty scored 1 point, thunder breath catch the 77-78. Leonard made two free throws, Martin hit three goals tied. Duncan 2 penalty 1, Westbrook 4 consecutive free throws, and Parke in 28.3 seconds when the ball hit three points, 84 points is still a tie. Leonard Westbrook steals the ball, the Spurs in the final 5.9 seconds of the last attack. Parke shot the ball into the buzzer, the lamp, the Spurs to a 86-84 win the thunder. 28. Garnett winner 76Pause 76 team Andre Iguodala right do not jump, brand grab rebounds, pierce the rebounding of the foul, 76 person of team and request a short pause. Iguodala break layup 6.6 seconds when the 76 man team to lead 101-100 before the whistle. The Celtics d Retro jordans for sale id not request to suspend, Rondo assists Kevin Garnett to complete the alley OOP layup, before the final 1.4 seconds when the Celtics to 102-101 over. Horadi Garnett was passing off, the military Lvshan away win. 27. Cishiping lore sun 2010 from the playoffs, and the Lakers and the sun reached the sixth and metta world peace began resurgence, the audience he shot 16 times, hitting 10 goals, which one-third of the ball 7 throws 4, with 25 points and three steals, become the team behind Kobe scorer. With Ci Shiping's help, the Lakers defeated the sun 26. Howard winner SpursThe is the first union center, but Howard rarely in game lore moments. The so-called "rarity", his 2007 February 0.2 seconds lore spurs the dunk, always let the fans remember. It is worth mentioning is that he was from Duncan's head to grab the Turkoglu teammate's pass, and then use a one handed dunk to help the team to lock the victory. This is his career since first winning dunk at any level of the game, Parker, and in the 0.8 seconds before the final, he also blocked a shot. "Dwight as if a hand will be able to take off the clouds, he completed a wonderful cooperation." Opponent clothNew Balance is located in the British Flimby plant from 1982 has been opened with high-quality production base is famous in the world, but this time they once again launched a new version of the classic 1500. The new excellent selection of suede shoes breathable mesh collocati cheap foamposites on form, at the same time with New Balance exclusive ENCAP cushioning system, and black and red and Blue Curacao two tone, Neiwaijianxiu is rare book. 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Shoes are now identified in August 21st officially debut. source: dailysole with the arrival of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the national sports enthusiasm is unprecedented, and the sports industry is speeding up. Sports is becoming a Cheap foamposites for sale popular leisure style. This means great opportunities for every sports brand. The personage inside course of study thinks, Beijing Olympic Games will become one of sports brand "Longmen"". jump if successful, companies will achieve leapfrog growth; Dragon flight, on the other hand, then escape the pool of fate. Reporters recently visited the sports consumer goods market found that the one or two and three line sports brands in the marketing strategy of great difference. As for who can laugh until the end, we can wait and see. sponsor top brands of events; launch an Olympic gamble; sports sponsorship has been the most benevolent sports brand marketing means, but due to the high cost, can attract millions of eyeballs the important events of the sponsorship has been rich international brands hold. : after spending a huge amount of sponsorship fees, Adidas beat its competitors and became Beijing Olympic Partner in one fell swoop. At present, Adidas's Olympic theme series of advertising?? by Hu Jia, Zheng Zhi, Sui Feifei, Chinese as the protagonist of the "2008 Women's volleyball team together, nothing is impossible, not only frequently appeared in the television station, is covered in Beijing, Shanghai city subway. One of the advertisements depicts the scenes of Chinese people as local athletes, which impress many people. in July 5th, Adidas opened the world's first brand central store in the prime section of the Sanlitun bar street in Beijing. The 3300 square meters of space, Adidas is said to be the world's largest store, all new Adidas and its clover and Y-3 brands, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly Adidas sports shoes designed for the design of the Beijing Olympic Games?? "MadeforBeijing" so that each Chinese are full of excitement. Clearly, the German company, which has been lagging behind Nike in China, hopes to end its role as a pursuer in 2008 and find it first. compared with Adidas, although Nike is not the official partner of the Beijing Olympic Games, but the Olympic Games can not be less than the figure of Nike. In fact, Nike will not only Liu Xiang, Yi Jianlian and other Olympic hot runner to honor its flag, but also sponsored 28 major events in the 22 Chinese sports team. This means that by then, members of these teams will wear Nike sportswear to participate in the competition. It seems that with the curtain of the Olympic Games drawing near, the contest between these two international top sports brands will be intensified. &nb) the private economy of Wenzhou, which has been aptly called "puppy economy", has always been a hot topic, and its advantages seem too much to say. But when the line to Wenzhou in the country, has issued a different voice: the traditional "Wenzhou model" has been prematurely senile. The people of Wenzhou, whose cold water has been watered down by , are somewhat unconvinced. In fact, they themselves have already noticed that there is a congenital fatal flaw in the old economic form, and the people of Wenzhou begin to worry. by joining the "seminar on the Shanghai Jiangsu Zhejiang regional economic cooperation and development of Wenzhou private economic development forum held in Wenzhou, the reporter visited the day before the opportunity, some enterprises in Wenzhou and relevant experts, trying to explore the development process of this economic form and Wenzhou people's psychology. The family hasn't completely broken yet 99.9% of Wenzhou's enterprises are private enterprises, and almost all private enterprises begin with family system. Professor Zhou Dewen, Dean of Wenzhou Institute of management science, who has long been engaged in "Wenzhou mode" research, told reporters that the most important reason for the drawbacks of Wenzhou's private economy in modern economic development came from property rights restriction. The biggest limitation of modern family management system lies in the exclusion of qualified personnel, and with the growth of enterprise scale, its disadvantages are becoming increasingly prominent. The family system also decided that the decentralized private enterprises were difficult to expand rapidly through joint reorganization, merger and shareholding system transformation. "family system" or not to break the question of Wenzhou has been plagued by private enterprises." Delixi Group General Manager Hu Chenghu told reporters: "however, family enterprise development, the first to break the family business. Only the road of modern enterprise system is the way out for family enterprises." Hu Chenghu admits that things are easier said than done, but when it comes to individual interests, they create contradictions and are very difficult to operate. This is the big development of enterprises in Wenzhou "Hom"". that's true. Another business reporter visited?? Juyi shoes group, the company has not jumped out of the family system framework. Since its establishment in 1989, the development process of China basically belongs to the zounanchuangbei marketing mode, although the giant is also aware of this traditional model is no longer in line with the trend, some companies began to prepare a joint merger, diversified operation, but these are not related to the change of equity. , President of the Wenzhou Economic Association and professor of economics at the Wenzhou University, told reporters that at present, Wenzhou's private enterprises really break down the family system of. He analyzed that there are three reasons: the development of private enterprises in Wenzhou more than 20 years of age, the entrepreneur is not the time to retire; culture and education in Wenzhou has been the development of weakness, not a good internal environment to attract foreign talent, talent is)